Tricks to Streamline Spring Cleaning

Tricks to Streamline Spring Cleaning

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It’s about that time again folks! Time for Spring Cleaning! Give your home a swift top-to-bottom cleaning to prep it for the fresh Spring season. Tidying your entire house, however, is quite the chore to tackle. These tips can help you whip your dwelling into shape in no time:

Organize your supplies
Instead of having to retrieve your supplies when cleaning every room in your house, carry around a caddy that contains everything you’ll need. Stock the carrier with all the basics, like sponges, gloves, all-purpose cleaners, stain removers, and dust cloths. This trick will save you time from having to run to your cleaning closet to get what you need.

Eliminate clutter
Floors and countertops are going to be tricky to clean if they’re full of clutter. Before you even bring out your cleaning supplies, make sure to go through each room and organize anything that may be left out, like clothes, toys, or dishes. As you’re going through the clutter, donate items that you no longer need or want.

Clean underneath furniture
The floors underneath your couches, chairs, and kitchen appliances probably accumulated a lot of dust and dirt over the holiday season. It’s time to clean those often-forgotten about areas. Get someone to help you move heavy armoires and luxury furniture so you can access the floors with a mop or a vacuum.

Let cleaning solution soak
Wiping sinks and tubs can be exhausting. Scrubbing away mildew stains certainly takes some elbow grease. The good news is, you can eliminate some of the workload by applying a cleaning solution to the surface of the tub or sink and letting it soak. Let the cleaning solution do most of the heavy lifting, then wipe it clean and rinse.

Switch out clean cloths
Don’t continue to use the same cloth from room to room. This will only wipe around dirt and bacteria, making surfaces in your home dirtier than they were before. Instead, make sure to switch out your cloths for clean ones. If you have microfiber cloths, however, remember that you can clean them by rinsing in fresh water and wringing them out to dry.

Create a playlist
Try to make Spring cleaning as enjoyable as cleaning possibly can be. Spice up your Spring cleaning routine with a fun playlist that will make vacuuming, dusting, and wiping much more fun.


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