Tufted Upholstery

Tufted Upholstery

queen headboard king headboard Round Tufted ottoman Sylvie chair Aliss sofa Square tufted ottoman Burlap X stool Louis Tufted Bench

They say the devil is in the details and that couldn’t be more true than with this collection of our most elegantly tufted furniture. Tufting has been popular from the very beginning of furniture making. It showcases craftsmanship and beautifully detailed design that finishes a piece. This look can be found on seating to headboards and spans styles from transitional to modern. Perfect for when you need a piece a furniture to draw the eye in, all of these pieces are great at making a statement. The subtle dotted symmetry of the tufting is pleasing to the eye and paired with soothing colors, often adds to the relaxing feel of a room.

1. Maison Tufted Queen Headboard    2. Louis Tufted King Headboard     3. Round Tufted Ottoman – Natural Linen    4. Sylvie Tufted Chair    5. Aliss Tufted Bench Seat Sofa in Patton White    6. Square Tufted Ottoman    7. Burlap Tufted X Stool     8. Louis Tufted Bench

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