Materials Best for Outdoor Decorating

It’s never too early to think about how you’re going to decorate your patio once the weather begins to warm up. Before you think about how you’re going to style the space, it’s important to determine what materials you’ll use. What you use indoors may not stand up to the outdoor elements. Instead, consider any of these outdoor-friendly materials that are aesthetically pleasing:

Cast aluminum
If you love the industrial look of wrought iron, then you may want to consider cast aluminum for your outdoor furniture. It’s durable and lightweight, and can match a number of different patio styles. The best news of all is that cast aluminum won’t erode after being exposed to rain or snow. After every spring and summer, just be sure to wash the cast aluminum with simple soap and water.

If you prefer wrought iron, this material is certainly an option for your outdoor space. However, keep in mind that wrought iron is heavy, so it’s best for withstanding strong winds. You should also cover your wrought iron furniture when it’s not in use, as it can chip and rust over time.

Wicker furniture is perfect for a farmhouse or country-inspired patio. The lightweight material is extremely durable and lightweight, making your shabby chic furniture easy to move around. It’s best to choose weather-resistant wicker, which will stand up to the elements and last several years.

This Shabby Chic Settee would look perfect on a quaint patio, thanks to its unique snakeskin pattern and delicate wicker backing. Complement your wicker furniture with other like accessories, such as this Outdoor Wicker Swivel Stool or Montecito Round Wicker Cheese Tray with Utensils.

Rattan is similar to wicker, but offers a more contemporary look. It’s made up of rustproof aluminum frames and UV-resistant resin strands to produce a lightweight and comfortable material.

Add some texture and color to your patio with this stylish Woven Rattan Black and White Hourglass Stool/Table. It features a geometric pattern and provides you and your guests with extra seating.

Teak is a type of wood that can match with any style you like, whether it’s vintage, modern or coastal. This material is popular not only for its versatility, but for its ability to ward off heat. It doesn’t hold the sun’s heat like metal furniture does. To avoid the wood fading, it’s best to keep your teak furniture in storage during the winter season.

Place this beautiful Quito Teak Stool in your garden to help you tend to your flowers and plants. This Quito Accent Table would also make a rustic addition to your patio.

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