How to Create Stunning Floral Arrangements in Your Home

Arrangements of fresh-cut flowers instantly add elegance and beauty to your home. They can be placed virtually anywhere – on your coffee table, in your bathroom, on your nightstand, etc. Instead of purchasing a bouquet from the store, arrange your own stunning flowers with these simple tips:

Cut the stems
Before placing your beautiful blooms in water, it’s important that you cut about 1-inch off of the stems with sharp floral shears. This ensures that your flowers absorb water more efficiently. The water in the vase should be lukewarm, never cold. Warmer water helps flower heads to fully open up, creating a lush and colorful arrangement of blossoms.

Place large blooms first
The bigger flowers should be placed into the vase first – make sure to leave room for smaller blooms, along with other elements like bare branches, fresh fruit and green foliage.

Consider height
The height of your flower arrangements should coordinate with the vase in which it’s placed. The bouquet should be taller than the vase by about 1 and a half times. The width is also crucial – it should somewhat match up with the height of your buds. These proportions ensure that your arrangement stands out in the best way possible.

Get creative with containers
Glass vases are absolutely gorgeous, there’s no getting around that. However, don’t overlook alternative containers for your blooms. For example, mason jars and metal watering cans serve as vintage decor in your interior. If you’re searching for a vase that fits a more modern style, opt for this Glacier Vase, which comes equipped with geometric lines and shapes.

Combine similar colors
Feel free to mix together a variety of different flowers to create an eclectic combination. Make sure to keep the blooms in the same color family. For instance, arrange some dark pink roses with light pink lisianthus, or white hydrangeas and white stock. Add in some greenery for an extra splash of color.

Use a lazy Susan
Instead of having to walk around the vase to find the best spot for each bud, place the entire arrangement on a lazy Susan. This way, all you have to do is turn the vase and you can see it from all sides with ease.

Make tropical flowers last
Spray tropical, island-like blooms such as ginger and bird-of-paradise with a bit of Pam cooking spray. The spray prevents the petals from drying out and makes them shine.


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