5 Ways to Put Focus on an Artwork

Art is an investment that you should always be proud to display, whether it’s a compelling print or a priceless original.

Here are five ways, ranging from the traditional to the unexpected, to bring a viewer’s attention straight to your art piece.

  1. Position a light source close to your wall art. It doesn’t have to be a picture lamp, though these traditional choices work well; a sconce on a perpendicular wall or a hanging light nearby achieve a similar effect.
  2. Hang drapes on either side of the painting so it draws the eye in the same way as a window does (especially when combined with idea #1). Heavy drapes feel formal and Renaissance-inspired, but a more modern decorator can revive the trend with unbound sheers, giving a filmy, graceful presence.
  3. Choose a main color from the artwork and use it to paint the wall behind it – or another wall of the room – as an accent wall. Alternately, treat the focus wall with a texture from the artwork.
  4. Find other means to mimic the setting that would surround a mirror or window, both high-impact details, with other objects. A demilune cabinet or a salvaged fireplace mantel (a look easily mimicked with a transitional corbel shelf) below the painting defines its area. Set a centerpiece compote or ceramic basin on the table for an inviting arrangement.
  5. Position a wall mirror in the same general proportions directly across from the artwork, giving a second perspective on the way that it influences and interacts with your dΓ©cor overall.

Each technique brings well-deserved attention to your wall art, the central expression of your decorative taste.

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