6 Ideas for Choosing Sheets

The duvet and the curtains in a bedroom might receive more attention, but the sheets on a bed must offer both visual and tactile enjoyment for a room to feel complete. Here are a few tips on selecting yours.

  • Use sheets as a starting point to seasonal variation – for instance, you might have a cotton percale set for summer in a light, fresh tint, but flannel sheets in a jewel-deep shade of the same color. Change out a boudoir pillow to match and you’ll have a perfectly seasonable sleeping space.
  • Try matching the duvet or bedspread to the walls and the sheets to the trim – or introduce a bright accent color in the sheets, picking it up in decorative details. When the bed is made, it’s a small area of color that shows, but when it’s slept in, the surprise of brightness makes the bed feel more indulgent.
  • Choose a tone-on-tone pattern to subtly enrich the room’s look.
  • Give depth to a light or neutral room by using darker, cream-colored sheets under a white duvet. This gives a vintage feel similar to the look achieved by painting trim a shade darker than the walls.
  • Dark sheets are usually a more thoughtful option for guest rooms (and dark towels for guest baths). White or light colors are better for children’s rooms and some vacation homes, as they’ll bleach clean if an enthusiastic child or pet climbs into bed after a muddy excursion.
  • Match your ceiling color to your sheets for a genuinely dreamy feel.

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