Take Your Pick: The Symbolic Meaning of Some Beautiful Blooms

Knowledge can stem from many things, including flowers. Did you know that Victorians long ago assigned symbolism to some of the most popular flowers that we cherish today? In Victorian times, the meaning of the flower was what counted most, not how many blooms were counted as part of a bouquet. When creating a flower arrangement for a special occasion, wedding, or holiday celebration, consider adding some of these meaningful flowers for both scent and symbolism.

It may come as a surprise that the peony, known for its large and showy flowers, symbolizes bashfulness. They require little maintenance if planted properly; some have been known to thrive for 100 years. As cut flowers, peonies can last more than a week.

Simple. Elegant. Sophisticated. The simple white rose leaves little to be desired in terms of floral allure; not surprisingly, it symbolizes purity. Well suited to special occasions, white roses have long been  associated with weddings and bridal bouquets, and are cherished as a symbol of pure love.

Bold and brilliant with unabashed panache, the poppy symbolizes fantastic extravagance. Poppies don’t disappoint in terms of just how fantastic they are:  Home gardeners can plant poppies in an array of colors that’s simply stunning, from white, red, and pink to orange, purple, and eye-popping black.

Symbolizing a declaration of love, the red tulip is an unexpected addition to a wedding bouquet or ceremonial floral arrangements that grace a church or reception hall. With their easily identifiable shape, large green leaves, and thick stems, tulips make a bold statement while not being overly elegant or fussy.

The daffodil is a harbinger of spring and rightfully so:  Through the years it’s come to symbolize new beginnings. Once grown extensively by ancient Greeks and Romans, today there are more than 50 species of daffodils. An ideal choice for springtime bouquets that signal the arrival of a new season.

When putting together a bouquet, a floral arrangement for your dining table, a basket of blooms for a terrace, take your pick. Every flower has its own beauty. And now you have the seeds of knowledge to make a perfect choice.

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