Should You Do a Duvet, Coverlet, or Quilt

Bedding can be baffling. There are so many choices of materials, sizes, and styles that making up a beautiful bedscape can become a nightmare. Here, a few of the most popular bedding choices are explained so that you can select the one that’s just right for your utterly romantic boudoir or spacious master suite.

The term ‘duvetrefers to a soft flat bag filled with synthetic material, feathers, or down. They’re most often inserted into a removable cover (think of a pillow and a pillow case). Some people prefer to use duvets and duvet covers without sheets owing to the fact that both the cover and the insert can be laundered. Another benefit of choosing a duvet and cover: Β they make the chore of making the bed easier, given that you don’t need to add in multiple layers such as sheets, quilts, blankets, and such. Duvet covers are available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and materials, allowing for ease in blending with different decors. Many duvets also come with matching pillow shams.

You can cover your bed in style with a coverlet, a lightweight, nonreversible bedspread that’s usually woven or quilted. Designed to sit as a decorative layer atop a thicker bedspread, a coverlet usually features a thin layer of batting that allows it to be used as a stand-alone covering, if you so choose. Another coverlet plus: Β You can toss it on a sofa or bed as a stylish accent. In terms of draping, expect a coverlet to lay loosely at the corners of the bed; because of size and decorative quality, a coverlet is not designed to achieve a pillow tuck.

Because of their beauty and detailed craftsmanship, quilts often show up in places other than the bedroom; they can also be used as dramatic wall hangings, striking tablecloths, and season-inspired table runners. Usually composed of three layers of fiber, a traditional quilt features a woven top and a woven back with a layer of batting in-between. Historically, quilts have been handed down through the generations as treasured heirlooms after being presented as gifts to commemorate a wedding, the birth of a child, a graduation, a new home, or some other type of major life event.

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