And Trending for Spring Are…

Out with the winter blues; in with the spring to-dos. It’s no surprise that spring is the season for changing things up in your home. Just look outdoors and you’ll  see that everything seems to be taking on a new shape, a different color, a fuller form. It’s only natural that your living space, too, should take on an air of refreshed beauty. Here are some of the most popular trends popping up this spring.

Marvelous Marble
It’s sleek, it’s cool, it’s luxurious — and it can also be expensive. Marble can attract your admiring gaze but it can also bust your wallet if you’re looking at large-scale items such as tabletops and kitchen counters. Opt, instead, for these smaller items that add this natural stone’s sophistication to your decor without taking a chunk of your budget:  planters, clocks, candleholders, bookends, and accent tables.

Gray Hardwood Floors
The beauty of this trend is hard to beat:  hardwood floors in a soft, muted gray color. The natural grain of the wood is accentuated by neutral gray tones that allow for ease in blending with home decor color schemes either vibrant or subdued. This spring, the light and airy look of gray flooring is definitely  underfoot.

Farmhouse Kitchens
Their simplicity calls to mind pie baking, fresh thinking, easier living. Falling by the wayside are extravagant kitchens with overly embellished Mediterranean-inspired design. The farmhouse kitchen features soothing neutral colors, open shelving, natural flooring, expansive sun-dappled windows, reclaimed wood, and, of course, a farmhouse sink.

Global Folk Textiles
You can bring a world of beauty to your spring decor by including global folk textiles. Add in a few pops of brightly colored woven and embroidered fabrics and textiles in the form of pillows, throws, area rugs, or wall hangings and you’ll impart international panache to your surroundings.

Matte Finishes
Metallic has moved on:  last year’s glimmering darling has been replaced with this year’s soft matte. Some of the season’s most popular textures include matte glazes, chalk-finish paints, and oxidized metals.

Black And White Decor
Minimalism makes its return with minimal fuss. Black and white decor is on the upswing, owing to a desire to create an interior that showcases just a few complementary colors instead of an entire palette of varying hues. Clean, simple, direct, and bold, a black and white color scheme always seems timeless and allows for the introduction of a few pops of other favorite colors here and there.

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