Gallery Walls Galore

Where is it written that a gallery wall must be picture perfect? You can easily create a personalized, unique gallery wall with any of the following:  artworks in random sizes, alignments, and frames; an  eclectic collection of photographs, historical documents, or paper ephemera; or an arrangement of wall decorations such as mirrors, sculptural objects, or pressed flowers.

Open space on a wall? For the most imaginative design, keep your options open as well.

Minimalist For Maximum Impact

If you’re a fan of the less-is-more school of design then keep your gallery display to a minimum. Present only a limited number of pictures and opt for thinner, simple wooden frames that impart an understated,  effortless beauty.

Wall Of Mirrors:  A Reflection Of Your Unique Taste

A gallery wall doesn’t have to include artworks or photos:  Hang a grouping of dramatic mirrors for a focal point that captures light and catches the eye. You can mix up not only the shapes and sizes but also the frame colors. Or if you prefer a soothing yet dramatic monochromatic look, paint the frames all the same hue. Another option:  Display one large mirror surrounded by your favorite photos, old and new.

Snap Up Cool Items; Add Photos

Old signs. Pen and ink illustrations. Vintage advertising. Travel souvenirs. All add a vibrant, lively component to a gallery wall that doesn’t need to present only pictures in order to be visually interesting. By displaying unexpected elements on your wall you bring distinctive style to a blank space in need of enlivening.

Same Fames

When you hang photographs , illustrations, or artworks all with the same frame and in the same size you create an elegant accent wall that appears organized while still maintaining originality. Space the displayed elements evenly on the wall and the gallery look is all the more cohesive and compelling.

Heading In The Right Direction For Style:  Maps

There’s something about maps that’s timeless and intriguing:  They suggest a wondrous journey, time spent with loved ones, an escape from the everyday and the mundane. In addition to being budget friendly (maps are often given away for free at hotels, destinations, and information centers), they also serve to remind you of meaningful places. Hang several in a grouping or surround one large map with smaller renderings.

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