A Recipe For Beauty: Make Spring Bouquets Last Longer with this Easy, DIY Mix

A Recipe For Beauty

Floral food can a make big difference when it comes to preserving the beauty of your favorite blooms. But a posy plucked from your garden instead of being purchased from the florist or your local grocery store doesn’t come with one of those tiny, bloom- bolstering feed packets. You can, however, make your own flower preservative quickly and easily using a recipe provided by the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.

Just mix together the following ingredients:

1 quart lukewarm water (warmer water helps stems drink faster)

1 teaspoon bleach  (bleach fights bacteria)

2 teaspoons lemon or lime juice (acidic citrus adjusts the pH)

1 teaspoon sugar (carbs feed plants)

If you’re working with spring bulb flowers like tulips, use cold water instead of lukewarm as bulbs do best with colder H20 temperatures. After you’ve created your floral food mixture, pour a generous amount of the liquid into the vessel of your choice:  a multifaceted vase, an antique watering can, a teapot, a vintage milk jug, even a favorite cookie jar.

For longer stems, look to an umbrella stand, a trumpet vase, or a tall piece of hand thrown pottery for a dramatic presentation. If you prefer shorter, petite bouquets you don’t have to settle for the typical, nondescript glass vase. Display your blooms in unique style by placing them in a mint julep cup, a square cube vase, a compote bowl, or a collection of dessert cups or teacups (matching or not!).

There you have it:  a recipe for bouquet beauty that’s certain to make others green with envy.

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