Hammock Style

cleo moss rug Carved Panel Tuscan Pine quaint trail giclee fern botanical mireval planters ridley cloche lola filler Silver Foliage Dishes

A current trend making its way through the interior design industry is Hammock style. No, it is not the hammock that you swing in. Instead, think of the soft green moss growing on the underside of the shady willow tree and of ivy vines that are covering a trellis. Think ferns, real or faux, leaf patterns in abundance and green, green, green. This is hammock style; bringing the soft, sweeping greenery into your indoor design. Enjoy our picks for this great, on-trend look that is easily incorporated into any home.

1. Cleo Moss Indoor/Outdoor Rug     2. Wood Carved Panel Tuscan Pine I    3. Quaint Trail II Crackle Giclee    4. Large Fern Botanical    5. Mireval Wood Strip Planters – Set of 3    6. Ridley Cloche    7. Lola Filler   8. Silver Foliage Dishes


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The Luck of the Irish

Lanakai Collection - Green micro greens box spice malachite side table green table lamp Green Coral piriform vase apothecary vase martini glass Lime Stripe Pouf cactus berry napkin ring

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we promise not to pinch and instead bring you an alluring collection of our most treasured pieces of décor in the prettiest shades of green. Let the luck of the Irish be with you all year long with these distinctive and gorgeous home furnishings that add nature’s most glorious hue effortlessly to your styled home.

1. The Lanakai Collection – Green     2. Micro Greens Grow Box – Spice    3. Malachite Side Table    4. Colors Table Lamp – Green    5. Green Coral Ceramic Form Piriform Vase    6. Apothecary Vase    7. Vague Glass Martini Glass   8. Lime Stripe Pouf    9. Cactus Berry Napkin Ring


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Spring Pastels

Cotton Candy Botanical arabella goblet snakeskin velvet robin egg pillow butter petal bowl amberly lamp enzo vase settee maroc rug bone box

A new take on a classic color palette, this darling collection of home furnishings takes soft colors and mixes them with stylish and on-trend patterns. An updated look like this is a chic room styling idea for a living room or guest suite. Our charming settee is an ideal addition to this collection because it incorporates several pastel shades and a classic, antique style that is timeless and beautiful. Make sure to add your a great floor covering to finish the look

1. Cotton Candy Botanical    2. Arabella Petal Pink Footed Goblet    3. Snakeskin Velvet Robin Egg Pillow    4. Small Ceramic Petal Bowl – Butter    5. Amberly Table Lamp    6. Enzo Vase – Yellow    7. Shabby Chic Settee – Striped    8. Maroc Pastel Blue Rug    9. Lavender Araldite and Cream Bone Box


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Colorful Glassware

Impressionist aurora hi ball Moroccan Glass amber Stemless green wine glass down pour high ball glass arabella pink tumbler carnevale tumblers Louis Footed glass clear drops rocks glass

In need of a simple way to refresh the look of your meal times and entertaining? Dress up your kitchen collection with vivid glassware. Whether you prefer a bold cobalt, sunny yellow, or a more subtle pale pink, changing this one aspect will update and upgrade both the look of your kitchen and your tabletop easily and often, inexpensively.

1. Hi-Ball Glass-Impressionist Aurora    2. Moroccan Glass – Amber   3. Stemless Wine Glass – Light Green   4. Down Pour High Ball Glass – Purple   5. Arabella Petal Pink Tumbler    6. Carnevale Tumblers   7. Louis Footed Glass – Turquoise    8. Clear Drops Rocks Glass – Clear

Moody Interiors

nightsea lamp umbrella art lumino gilded coasters malvern sconce cast iron lock malcolm table wake chest crystal box

A moody interior is perfect for those who appreciate a bit darker home décor style or for those looking to style a room in a more unique way. This brooding look incorporates deeper metals like iron and steel with other slightly masculine accessories, such as, our brown agate coasters and vine sconce. Deep blues, warm lighting and the perfect wall décor like our Umbrella Mood piece will tie this look together dreamily.

1. Nightsea Table Lamp    2. Umbrella Mood II    3. Lumino Gilded Coasters – Chocolate and Gold    4. Malvern Wall Sconce – Right     5. Lock – Cast Iron   6. Malcolm Iron End Table   7. Wake Chest    8. Crystal Adornment Box

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Steampunk Style

In London Glass adler mirror pulley task lamp zinc desk abott sideboard sibley trio pendant pointed star clock ned sclupture

In an intriguing mash up of fantasy and technology, Steampunk style is rooted in science fiction. Incorporating this style into your home décor can be fun and an exciting way to shake things up in your space. Think brass, leather, and mechanical aspects such as gears and cogs when styling this look, and use every opportunity to repurpose something you already have. This look borrows heavily from Victorian style which gives it a wonderful vintage appeal that is easy on the eyes and fascinating to the mind.

1. In London Glass Framed Map    2. Adler Mirror    3. Pulley Task Table Lamp    4. Hammered Zinc Desk with Old Wood Top    5. Abott Sideboard    6. Sibley Trio Pendant    7. Pointed Star Brass Clock    8. Ned Sculpture

Trading Post

pueblo book shelf valparaiso brown rug zuri zamunda rug riddick lamp metal cage beads Fire pit parkhurst chair feather hassock feather art

Rich in natural elements and unique pieces, our trading post style is inspired by those of the old west whereby you traded what you had for what you needed. Native patterns, objects obtained through travels and artisan crafts, can all be incorporated into this look seamlessly and without a lot of effort. This style is versatile, and can be made a reality with little investment and a lot of found objects and imagination, or you could use selections from our collection for a perfectly put together look.

1. Pueblo Book Shelf    2. Valparaiso Brown Rug    3. Zuri Zamunda Rug – Sandstorm & Paloma    4. Riddick Lamp    5. Metal Cage Beads    6. Iron Fire Pit    7. Parkhurst Lounge Chair    8. Coco Feather Hassock    9. Fernando Boher – Arrows Framed Art


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The Game Room

cin cin chandelier max clock chess bookends Denim Books tyrell stool hat token shoe token gwennan game table Jack

Every home needs a place to let loose a bit. An area where one can kick off their shoes and indulge in a game of chess or darts. Creating this space can be fun and easy with just a few special touches. For starters, a game table like our Gwennan Game Table is the perfect focal point to build the rest of the room look around. Couple that with an intriguing light fixture like the Cin Cin chandelier, and you have the basis for a room that invites fun and friendly competition. Whimsical decorative accents like our chess bookends or game tokens finish the look beautifully.

1. Cin Cin Rectangular Chandelier    2. Max Clock    3. Checkmate Bookends    4. Canvas Collection Books – Denim – Set of 5    5. Tyrell Stool    6. Hat Token    7. Shoe Token    8. Gwennan Game Table    9. Jack Small Antique Brass Sculpture

Farm Sweet Farm

powell clock measuring spoons teapot pendant Farmhouse table raspberry basket cow creamer Rodeo stool willow lantern Farmstead feed sack

An ode to simple times when food was grown and things were made by hand. Family gathered around a large table for meals that were lovingly prepared. Items were not wasted or thrown away but given new life. This collection is a nod to days long past of uncomplicated, slow living. Our country style wares are the perfect addition to anyone that would like to recreate a farm decor home, from a Mabel the Cow creamer, to a milking bench and ceramic berry baskets, our contemporary spin on classic pieces are enchanting.

1. Powell Clock    2. Ceramic Measuring Spoons    3. Earl Grey Pendant    4. Cabries Farmhouse Table    5. Raspberry Basket    6. Mabel the Cow Creamer    7. Rodeo Stool    8. Willow Lantern   9. Farmstead Feed Sack Dish Towels

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Modern British Flat

Elixir Rectangular Pendant blue white vases beth sideboard landon side table Windsor chair books dora rug Jorden Sofa Jack Pillow

A posh yet comfortable feel embodies this modern British flat style. Neutral colored furniture dazzle while the pop of blue found in the vases and the linens, lend a serene mood to the room that is casual but elegant. A bold light fixture draws the eyes upwards, opening the room up, while the Union Jack Flag makes its appearance in decorative books and a subtle accent pillow creating a cool UK vibe to the space.

1. Elixir Rectangular Chandelier    2. Blue and White Chrysanthemum Vases    3. Beth Sideboard   4. Landon Side Table    5. Windsor Chair – Hand Rubbed Black    6. Union Jack Flag Books   7. Shadow Dora Rug – Oyster Grey and Mallard Blue    8. Jorden Sofa    9. Jack Pillow – Grey and Light Grey