Color Your World: Hues that Impact Your Mood


Photo Credit via Traditional Home, Interior Design by Rachel Laxer Interiors, and Photography by Peter Rymwld

If you’re in the mood to paint, consider this:  The paint color you choose can impact both your mind and your mood. Research shows that certain hues can have an effect on everything from thinking to dreaming. Picking the ideal color for your walls doesn’t require a stroke of brilliance — just a dash of knowledge.

     Ideal for:  Dining Rooms & Bedrooms

Red suggests passion, adventure, and optimism — all positives. But when overdone this vibrant color can convey danger and aggression. Case in point:  A survey revealed that drivers of red cars felt aggressive when behind the wheel of their red vehicles.

     Ideal for:  Living Rooms & Dining Rooms

There’s a certain get-up-and-go quality about the color orange that conveys sociability, warmth, and reassurance. On the other hand, some see this color as harsh and a distinct nod to prison uniforms and Halloween (eek!).

     Ideal for:  Bedrooms

When used in a bedroom, green can have a calming effect owing to its tie-in to nature and harmonious balance. In addition to its dreamy beauty there’s another reason to choose green for your boudoir:  it’s believed that it can help prevent nightmares.

     Ideal for:  Bedrooms & Offices

Serenity, protection, and intelligence are all positives suggested by blue hues. Too much of this color, however, can convey coldness so it’s best to balance blues with some warm undertones.

     Ideal for:   Bathrooms & Bedrooms

Considered a color with soothing spiritual properties (making it a favorite among mediums!), lilac gently suggests the divide between heaven and earth. Lilac is also considered mysterious and suggestive of creativity.

     Ideal for:  Kitchens & Bathrooms

Say hello to yellow if you’re looking to convey happiness, energy, and enthusiasm. While this brilliant hue is usually a joy to be around, there can be too much of a good thing:  An overabundance of yellow might not be so mellow; avoid using in a bedroom that you’re hoping will be a quiet, spa-like retreat.

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