Which Type of Dishware is Your Cup of Tea? (and what it says about you)

Food for thought:  Think about how many times in the course of a day, a week, a year that you look at and eat off of your dishware? Given the fact that dishware is one of the most frequently used items in your home, you’ve probably chosen a color or pattern that you’ll find appealing, day in and day out. And that’s why your selection allows a glimpse into your personality and preferences.

Gold Details

If you’ve chosen plates with gold detailing for everyday use, you believe that fabulous shouldn’t be reserved for grand fêtes. By adding a glimmer of glam to your tablescape you’re making a statement that no day need be dull, a philosophy that you put into practice in all aspects of  daily living, including setting the table.


No bland bowls for you:  a panoply of color in your dishware reflects your buoyant, energized personality. You’re open to new experiences and going with the flow, including using mismatched dishes, cups, and saucers that convey a wonderful whimsy.

Rich Color
Pastels? They leave you thirsting for more. You go for dramatic, rich, deep colors like dark green, aubergine, red, and ochre that are far from shy and quiet, as is your personality. Richly colored dinnerware makes a bold statement, making it the perfect choice for someone who believes that understated elegance is overrated.


Perhaps your vintage dinnerware is a treasured heirloom from grandma or a collection of plates from a European antique shoppe. However they’ve come into your possession, your love of vintage is a reflection of a desire to surround yourself with lovely elements, meaningful mementos, and cherished items.


Floral plates are your pick for every meal and every occasion because they reflect your penchant for prettiness in all things. Floral dinnerware suggests that life should be one long tea party full of charm and laughter and the joy of being with family and friends.

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