Garden Inspired Gatherings

Laughter, joy, and good times are in full bloom when you’re hosting a get-together that’s enlivened with garden beauty. Whimsical, charming, and always refreshing, a garden-inspired motif lends a certain joie de vivre to any occasion, whether you’re dining outdoors on a terrace or indoors in a light-filled great room.

To begin with, as guests arrive invite them to sit back and relax on a sofa and chairs adorned with garden-inspired pillows. Flower prints? Of course. But add in a few unexpected designs such as embroidered berries, birds among branches, robin’s eggs, or bunnies. Sprinkle in a pillow or two boasting the word ‘relax’ and you’ve set the tone for a time to unwind.

Choose a tablecloth, runner, or placemats that suggest the outdoors in pattern or color. Floral motifs are always a good choice but if that’s too traditional for you opt instead for an elegant branch design or a pattern that suggests garden gate latticework. If you prefer a solid color, can’t-miss choices for suggesting the bold beauty of the outdoors include garden green, sun yellow, or sky blue. If your motif features a particular type of flower, match the tablecloth, runner, or placemats to the bloom’s hue for a striking monochromatic effect.

Should you hold your garden gathering outdoors, take into account the temperature. Early spring can mean there’s still a slight chill in the air, especially during the morning or late afternoon hours. Layer light, natural fiber throws in pastel tones on chairs or sofas so that guests can wrap themselves in comfy warmth while they enjoy the fresh air.

Wicker elements always impart airiness to a garden party, and the choices are endless: Β Take your pick of chairs, stools, lanterns, side tables, baskets, serving carts, chargers, and more. For even more outdoors appeal, add in a natural sisal or jute area rug; they’re as durable as they are beautiful.

When your gathering starts to wind down and guests begin to take their leave, present them with a small decorative container in which you’ve planted the seed or bulb of a perennial flowering plant. They can grow the plant indoors then transplant it outside when it’s large enough, leaving them with a pretty pot they can reuse next season. It’s just one more way you can make fond memories of your garden gathering grow.

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